• Food and Health

    Every day should eat 15-20 different foods, more and more diverse health benefits. Food processing has provided a mixture of many nutrients, it has to preserve the nutrients in food

    This is a reasonable way to eat, give the body many nutrients the most. Each day, the human body should provide about 60 nutrients.They are obtained from foods in daily meals. Each food offers one or more nutrients or other substances function, however, despite the perfect food to where it can not contain enough nutrients. Therefore, the combination of foods is essential.

    Each meal to provide enough energy, amino acids, vitamins and minerals you should eat all four food groups: carbohydrate group is the main energy source for the meal (which comes mainly from corn ) protein group provides raw materials to build the body and have an important role in metabolism; group of oil, grease or butter to help the body dissolve certain vitamins like A, D, E, K and late same group of vitamins and minerals (from vegetable and fruit ripening).

    There are many dishes combined with traditional foods and still scientific. For example, sticky rice dishes include rice, corn, green beans, onions and sometimes sprinkle non-Nuts. Among them are two kinds of rice and corn cereal starch supply (a source of primary energy of Vietnam during meals), they are a source of plant protein significantly. However, in rice lacking in lysine is an amino acid needed for growth, corn is lacking tryptophan amino acid needed for the body, the green beans rich in lysine and tryptohphan. Sesame also has tryptophan to supplement the shortage of maize and rice, increase the nutritional value of food. Solubilize fat and helps digestion carotene (a precursor of vitamin A), and the smell of the non-digestion, increased gastric.

    Dishes spring rolls (spring rolls) is calculated up to 15 types of food from the fat of fried spring rolls and sauces.

    Many other mixed dishes also have an appetite to absorb nutrients such as crab soup cooked with vegetables withdrawn, taro, providing starch (from taro), it has provided animal protein (from crabs) and vitamin with minerals (from vegetables).

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